Thursday, October 22, 2009

Replacement GS PowerSupply - Complete :-)

Well today I completed my first electronics project :). I initially was going to just mount the regulator to the case, but someone at work suggested i use a bit of strip board as well as use relevant connector (floppy type in this case). All works. Apart from the 240Volts I got yesterday lol, it was a pretty successful little project. Photos below.

After old power supply was stripped out

New Power supply mounted including Regulator
Used existing mount point to provide a secure fixing then plastic mounts for the rest.

Used existing mounting point to mount the strip board with L7905CV regulator

Circuit diagram for the negative regulator (make sure Capacitor + is to ground)

Circuit Diagram for the MeanWell PT65B PSU

L7905CV -5 Regulator

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